Monday, July 28, 2008

David vs Goliath

A new search engine hit the scene today. Cuil, (pronounced "cool"), is the product of some former Google employees who have looked to improve on the search engine, and cash in on some of Google's market-share. Could this be a coup of electronic proportions? Cuil claims that while the interweb has grown, search engines have not. So that's where they come in... 3x the results of Google and 10x that of Microsoft. If you're looking for a Native-American owned business, selling fake rolexes from Zimbabwe, Cuil will find it. Google? Not so much. It is kinda cool how your search is broken down into tabs. Type in "Charger" and it breaks it down into battery charger, Dodge charger & turbo charger. I don't think it's enough to take me away from Google though. Whether they become the big guy on campus, or just another dude walkin' the school grounds, the buffet of searching continues to grow. Eat up!


  1. I doubt Google will even feel anything from these guys. Google has so much more than just a search engine to rely on. G-Mail, Google Earth, Google Maps, it's ridiculous. Don't worry about Google.

  2. People like the familiar. Google may lose a bit of share, but nothing major. Plus Cuil has been riddled with problems.