Friday, May 30, 2008

Do not like Trampolines (Part 3)

This is now Part Three of getting to know moi

21. Favorite TV Show: That's a hard one. I am liking the Big Bang Theory right now. I also have 24 and Criminal Minds on DVD

22. Do you have posters on your wall? I have a Life 100.3 poster on the wall, as well as some really old school Switchfoot, Hawk Nelson and Seventh Day Slumber posters that I should take down

23. Have you ever jumped on a trampoline? Yes. I am famous for my lack of skills on the trampoline. I have stepped one someone's head, and then ankle and then broke the trampoline, and then after the day, I stopped using them

24. Favorite Magazine: I really like Nintendo Power, but when I get edition that is just full of DS games and features, it ends up in my recycling really fast

25. Time you go to bed? Sometimes I am in bed around 11:00pm, but that only happens when one of the 1's on my clock is blocked and I think it is 1:00am

26. How many pillows? I sleep with two. I know it's bad for your neck, but I cannot sleep without them

27. How good is your short-term memory? It's alright, it could be better. I probably need to play more Brain Age

28. How good is your short-term memory? HEY!!!.... It's not that bad...

29. Do you ever begin preferring IMs to other forms of conversation? Most of the time I like talking to people, except when you are looking for something to say or say something wrong. In MSN, you can backspace and stall... In real life, you cannot quite do it so well...

30. Ever have the falling dream? Yes.... and then I am like "Wait a sec... This is a dream" So then I realized I could fly and just flew away before I hit the ground.

Alright... another edition in the books... how many more do I have.... No idea... So I will keep to this until I am bored pretty much. Here's the video of the night