Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Opus Dei

If you've read "The DaVinci Code" the name Opus Dei might ring a bell. In the book they are the organization that is trying to keep this big secret under wraps in order to maintain status quo. They are made out to be the bad guy. Shortly after reading the book I forgot all about Opus Dei, until today. I sat down to eat dinner and was searching for something on tv to view while eating my bacon and portobello mushroom pizza (delicious!). I stumbled onto the History Channel and they were running a documentary on Opus Dei. I stopped to watch and see what they had to say. The whole thing was very confusing, but from what I gathered Opus Dei is an off-shoot from Catholicism, and the church is divided on which side they are on. Beyond that I didn't really soak in much else. I came in to work and wanted to ask Josh Miller (the resident Catholic) about Opus Dei, but he had already left for home. So if you could enlighten me please. Email me and give me a reader's digest version of the whole Opus Dei deal if you know what it's all about. Merci!