Thursday, May 15, 2008

Man Crush

I have a man crush on Mat Kearney... I'll admit that to you. He holds down the top spot on my favorite artists list, and it doesn't look like he'll be dethroned. You may be thinking to yourself that the songs you've heard on Life aren't all that great, and you're kinda right. His best songs have never seen airplay on this radio station. But that's not why he's cemeted at #1 on my list. You've got to see him in concert to understand. You see, he freestyles. It's amazing! I saw him at the House of Blues in Cleveland and part-way through Undeniable he broke out into this freestyle about Cleveland. Rhyming about how the Browns suck, and LeBron is the man, and how the vibe in the room was chill, and somehow tied it all back to the gospel message. It was awesome! He does the freestyle in every city he plays in, name dropping landmarks, sports teams, famous people. And unlike most other freestylers, he's not a thug. He's just a chill guy from the west coast, with some mad skills. Nothing but love for Mat!

Check it out! (I wish this clip was longer) He's in Boston, and breaks out into this freestyle.

I managed to find another vid... this one is from Cornerstone.