Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Music Thursday

A couple months ago I wrote a post about 4 musicians/bands I had recently discovered.  Well, I think it's time for another.

Brooke Fraser is not a new artist.  She is a big deal in New Zealand, going 7 times platinum in 2003.  She joined Hillsong, and gained some followers in the Christian subculture with her renditions of Desert Song and Hosanna.  She's had one song crack the playlist on LIFE, with minimal success.

Seeing as the majority of her success came outside the Christian music industry, she has elected to go back to the mainstream.  A couple weeks ago she released a new album, Flags, which has been getting some serious attention on my iPod! 

I came across these guys on a couple of the blogs I regularly read, but didn't really pay much attention.  That is until Relevant Magazine did an interview with them.  I've really been into the celestial instrumental sounds lately (it's good working music) and these guys are at the top of the list

Keeping with the instrumental theme, The Album Leaf was recommended to me by Justin Piercy.  If some of their music sounds familiar, Rob Bell uses their songs for his Nooma videos.

Allie Spencer introduced me to GRO.  I checked them out on Grooveshark and liked what I heard.  They've been in regular rotation since.

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