Monday, October 4, 2010

A Little Bit Of Country

Yesterday Crystal and I decided to try out this "date your family" thing our church was trying.

(Granted it was easier for us because our "family" is the 2 of us)

We decided to go to Rounds Ranch and try the corn maze. Crystal had done it in the past with a friend and wanted to try it again with someone new. (me!)

We elected to try and find all 12 stations in the maze before attempting to find our route to the exit. After about 25 minutes of wandering Crystal "accidentally" led us to the exit.

(I think she wanted to prove to me that she is an amazing navigator.)

Having solved the maze, we ventured back in searching for the clues we managed to miss on our first pass.

We were moderately successful, finding 11 of the 12 clues. We decided not to go through the maze for a THIRD time and headed out of the maize.

There was lots to do (if you're a kid) including a haunted house, wagon ride, pumpkin patch, obstacle course and corn cannon. Seeing as we were one of the only couples there without kids, we thought going to the kids activities might be a bit creepy awkward uncomfortable inappropriate... we decided not to do it.

We did however take a ride on the bucking bull.

It was a fun afternoon on a beautiful day. I liked "date afternoon." And we'll be sure to visit Rounds Ranch again once we have kids, then I can play on the kiddie rides!

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  1. actually there are 3 of you including Snax, she may have enjoyed the kiddie games!