Monday, October 18, 2010


Jen Melanson used to go to TIFF every year, and it made me jealous.  I wish I could go to a film festival.  You see, I love film.  I'm a wannabe film-maker, and one day hope to buy a video camera and editing software of my own.  Film inspires me.

Last year  I found out that Barrie has its own film fest.  You don't get the big name celebs out at the screenings, but it's still a film festival.  A surprisingly good film festival.  Last year I went to two screenings, and vowed that "next year I'll get involved."

Well, "next year" has arrived and I'm volunteering at the BFF.  My first shift was Saturday, and I loved it.  Hanging out with other people who love film, making some new friends and enjoying some under-the-radar work.

My favorite film from this past weekend was Exit Through The Gift Shop.  A film about street art by (the legend) Banksy.  It left me with a new appreciation for street art, and the intelligence and creativity that goes into it.

Next weekend my hit-list includes The Tillman Story.  I have been interested in this story since Sports Illustrated did a story on it a couple years ago.  (Yes, another documentary)

If you have some time over the next week, hit up the Barrie Film Festival.  You might be surprised at how good the film is.

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