Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quebec City - Day 1

The surprise worked! Crystal had no idea where we were going until we checked in at the airport. SUCCESS!

We flew Porter, so after dropping Snax off at my parents we made our way downtown. Porter was unlike any airline I had flown with before. From the moment we walked through the doors of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport the experience was relaxed, easy, and (dare I say) enjoyable. The lounge was filled with comfortable leather chairs, free wifi (a room filled with iMacs if you don't have a computer with you) and a FREE cafe.

Yes. F-R-E-E

Free lattes, pop, cookies and pastries. It was fantastic. (I think I had 4 or 5 lattes)

The flight was quick and relatively uneventful. We did receive complimentary drinks and snacks though.

Once we were on the ground in Quebec City we grabbed our bags and made our way over to the information desk to see what bus routes we needed to take to get to our hotel. The pleasant lady behind the counter informed us that the bus doesn't run from the airport after 5. (It was 5:30) The only way into town was by cab, so our $3 bus ride turned into a $35 cab ride.

We arrived at our hotel (very nice, more free lattes), got settled and went on the hunt for somewhere to eat dinner. We found a cafe in Petit Champlain and enjoyed a delicious dinner. After dinner we elected to walk around the city, and see the old town a little bit.

The Price Building

Tourny Fountain & Quebec Parliament

Chateau Frontenac

Notre Dame de Victoire

A great start to what was an unforgettable weekend!

Day #2 tomorrow!

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  1. Those photos are postcards! Admit it! Nobody takes pictures like that! WowWowWW!!!