Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"You need to just relax and take it easy for a couple days."

I hate that phrase... "take it easy", might as well say "be a bum and sit on the couch all day."

The last couple days I've had to take it easy, and I've hated it. I felt so unproductive. Like I wasn't contributing to society. I don't have to be doing work all the time, I just want to be doing something more than sitting around collecting calories.

So am I a work-a-holic? No.

Am I a Type A personality? Doubtful.

I just like to keep myself occupied. Maybe it helps me keep my mind off the things that would otherwise bring me down? Maybe I'm afraid to be left alone with my thoughts...


  1. you mean you could have come skiing?

  2. i fully understand, AJ! when told to 'take it easy', i usually am good for about 15 minutes, until the reality sets in. any time anything is imposed upon me, i tend to balk.

    need a book? :-)