Friday, February 19, 2010

Favorite Things Friday

It's been a while since my last favorite things post, but I return with 3 more favorite things!


It's an annual tradition, the road trip. It began back in college when 7 of my friends and I drove to Columbus, Ohio to check out the newly formed Columbus Blue Jackets. Since then we've road tripped to Pittsburgh, Boston, New York City, Washington and a number of other cities in the Northeast. It usually revolves around a sporting event, but sporting events are not the only activity we participate in. Science centres are known to be a favorite hang-out on an AJ road trip (Toledo has one of the best), but we don't always choose the educational route; Cedar Point was a blast!

Which ties in to my second favorite thing... WASHINGTON

A year and a half ago, on a road trip along the East Coast of the U.S., we visited what might be my favorite city (outside California). I'll probably take some heat for this one, but I've been to Ottawa and I've been to Washington... Washington is a million times better. You visit the U.S. capital and this overwhelming sense of patriotism wells up inside you. The monuments, the history, the architecture, the museums, it's all top notch. The city was so clean, the subway was so easy to use and the actual subway stations were impressive too. When you visit Washington you get the feeling that the United States is the greatest country in the world. You don't get that feeling in Ottawa.

Crystal and I just finished reading Dan Brown's latest book, which takes place in Washington, and it just makes me want to go back. I know Dan Brown is a fiction writer, but he weaves facts into his fiction, that make you want to investigate further. So I want to go back to Washington, take the "Lost Symbol Tour" and see it for myself. If there is no such tour, someone should create one.


I've written about my dog before, but she felt bad when I didn't list her as one of my first favs. For the ability to always make me feel better... Snax, here ya go! You're one of my favorite things.

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