Thursday, February 25, 2010

Falling Out Of Love

Some passionate discussion on the radio show tonight, all surrounding one question: "What do you do when you fall out of love?"

Some people say you run for the hills; no one deserves a loveless relationship. Others said you need to stick it out, make a commitment to the other person. Others said love is a decision, and every morning you wake up, you have to choose to love the monster... err... person lying next to you.

Where do you stand? Can you "fall out of love?"

1 comment:

  1. the phrase 'fall in love' has always irked me like a small pebble in a shoe. if you 'fall' into something, it sounds accidental, as if you weren't looking for whatever it is that you've found.

    i don't know about your experience with falling, but mine is rather negative, and always accidental.

    i think that love isn't something that i want to chance to an accident of fate or some other random thing.

    definitely more to my liking is the idea of choosing to love. when i choose to do something, not based on fickle emotions, but with my head fully in the game, then it is my decision. conversely, i cannot fall out of love, but choose to not love. which is definitely harsher than saying that you fell out of love.

    this is what i believe, and while i have loved people in my life, i've never been married, so you can take it all with a grain of Himalayan pink sea salt! :-)