Thursday, December 27, 2007

Guitar Hero III

It was an interesting day yesterday. Boxing Day, so of course the mall is packed. We're walking around and notice there's a HUGE line formed outside of EB Games. Turns out they are selling PS2 and XBox for $40, I say "Meh, that's old news." By the end of the night, I was wishing I had waited in line.

We went to my cousin's in Ajax for a family Christmas get together. They happen to have a PS2, along with Guitar Hero III. I'm hooked baby. I started off with Foghat - Slow Ride... (nice and easy until I got the hang of it.) I did alright, and felt like moving up to something more difficult. I started scrolling through the songs and it wasn't long before I knew my destiny... "Welcome To The Jungle" a song from my youth. What better tune to reach that next level with. I was in over my head right from the start. I don't think I was on stage for 30 seconds before being booed off stage. Embarrassed with my lack of skill, and the fact I butchered one of the all-time great songs I passed the guitar over to my sister.

Don't think my experience soured me on the game... Oh no! It just made the desire to master the game more intense. Maybe EB Games will still have some units left tomorrow? I'm hooked!