Monday, October 29, 2012

Praying Boldly

We kicked off a new series at church yesterday, called BOLD. It's calling us a church community to invite more boldly, pray more boldly, and give more boldly.

To go along with the series, 3 weeks ago everyone at church was given a journal with 40 days of devotions, written by people who attend Connexus. We're about halfway through, and one thing has stuck out to me.

I don't pray bold prayers.

Sure I'll sing: "God you're big, you're massive, you're gigantic!" But I don't pray like He's as big as a job search or as big as a cancer diagnosis. I'll say: "God you're the author of life, you're all powerful, you're creative (I mean look at the narwhal)." But I don't pray like He is $20,000 big. He's maybe $18,000 big.
My prayers are always filled with meek disclaimers.

"Umm... maybe... if it's your will..."

"And if you don't want to... that's okay... sorry for asking..."

Read through the Bible and you won't see any weak prayers.  Perhaps God has been listening to my prayers and responding by saying: "Man Up! Grow a pair."

Daniel prayed bold prayers.

Joshua prayed bold prayers.

David prayed bold prayers.

It's time for us to start praying bold prayers. We serve a God that is bigger than a recession, bigger than a dysfunctional relationship, bigger than a medical diagnosis.

Let's begin to pray bold prayers.

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