Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Surprise

Now that the snow has melted I can see my lawn... or what used to be my lawn.


  1. I think your problem is more likely that you have a newer home and water run off from snow melting has swept away dirt below the sod. Rolling and aerating are probably in your near future. Possibly re-sodding. In any case, that's very dissapointing.

  2. That makes some sense. Actually pretty much every lawn in the neighbourhood looks like that in spots.

    Looks like I've got some yard-work ahead of me.

  3. Hey, AJ, we've had our fair share of bad lawn due to many reasons. Grub, water ban, heat waves, we're up on a hill. We spent thousands of dollars bringing it back to life. A few things we do at least 2x (spring and fall): aerate, add new topsoil, over-seed (we did not resod as that was too expensive for the size lot we have), fetilize, weed control. so far its been good and it's been a few years now with no problems.

  4. With all these video blogs you've got on here, it makes me think you may be making a push to T.V. Maybe?

  5. @Aldous - thanks!

    @Chris - TV? I'm not pretty enough!

  6. We had the same thing when we first moved in to what had been the mouse's/mole's domain. They did eventually leave.

    Once the snow has cleared, I would rake the loose grass away, then top dress it with grass seed, fertilizer, peat moss and vermiculite. Use a power mower to mix it all together nicely. Oh wait, you don't have one of those. You can use the spreader for all but the peat moss.

    Vermiculite is kinda expensive these days though, so you might want to do that on the front yard where the neighbours can see the lawn.

    We did that 4 times a year in Scarborough and also at first here in Mississauga. We did have the best lawn on the block! And the grass was thick enough to keep out the weeds!