Monday, March 21, 2011


Crystal and I use gift cards very differently. I spend them, she hoards them. If you were to open her purse at any point in time there would likely be 15+ unused gift cards in there.

Yesterday we decided to use one of them. We had some gift certificates to the downtown theatre in Barrie. We had thought of going in the past, but they usually didn't have anything we wanted to see. When we checked on Friday, we discovered TWO movies we wanted to see, but how do we decide?

We heard about the seats in theatre one being the best seats anywhere in Central Ontario, so we decided we'd see whatever was playing in theatre one. Sunday, after cghurch, Crystal called the theatre and the choice was made... The Adjustment Bureau.


I really enjoyed it. The film is about a group of people/agents (the Adjustment Bureau) whose job is to make sure you stay "on plan". Can't find your keys? Could be the work of the agents, making sure you miss that train and stay on the plan the "chairman" has for your life.

It's an interesting idea. The film is loaded with spiritual ideas, fate vs free will, God's plan for your life, etc. I think it's a film that would be a great discussion starter, regardless of your spiritual knowledge, religious views or thoughts on God.

So go to the theatre (downtown Barrie has La-Z-Boys in theatre one), take a friend from work or school, and go for a coffee afterwards to discuss and digest.


  1. I only have maybe 5 unused gift cards in my purse right now, thank you very much. And probably another 10 that just have a little left on

  2. My too Crystal... time for a gift card swap party!