Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Past Is Easy

It's easy to talk about your past.

I used to be an alcoholic.

I used to be addicted to drugs.

I was addicted to porn.

I was abused as a child.

I had an affair for 5 years and no one knew.

Talking about our present-day struggles is much harder.  I've been thinking about this for a while.  Maybe it's because my father-in-law has been fighting depression, and just when we think he's got it beat, it knocks him down again.  Maybe it's because we don't know if God will heal us.  Maybe we don't believe God will heal us.  Maybe we're afraid it might come back, we haven't been "clean" long enough for it to count.

Whatever the reason is, I think keep it hidden is exactly what keeps us from breaking through.  When I told my best-friend I was struggling with porn, it was that accountability that lead to the breakthrough.  As long as it was my dirty little secret, it had power over me.  Once I told Mark, I had someone else fighting with me.  We installed some accountability software on my computer and the road to recovery began.  I believe God used Mark to help me beat the addiction.

So let me encourage you to share your struggles with someone.  You don't have to fight this alone.  That's the beauty of being a part of a faith community.  You have people who will stand beside you, encourage you and help you prevail.  More than singing songs together or hearing a pastor speak on Sunday morning, maybe that's why in Hebrews 10:25 it tells us not to give up meeting together with other believers.

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