Thursday, November 5, 2009

Funny The Way It Is

Funny the way it is... a friend moves out to Kelowna (my favorite city in Canada), I hang out at Jibfest on the weekend, yesterday Dave Stewart (from Righteous Riderz) joined me in studio, today we get our first snow of the year. All this has me thinking about how I would LOVE to take a week's vacay and head for the mountains. It's got me checking resort websites, scoping out flight and accomodation prices, and thinking who would be able to join me on a week-long getaway. It's likely just a pipe-dream, but a guy can dream can't he?

Who wouldn't want to live in Kelowna?


  1. Kelowna is in the middle of freaking nowhere. If you lived there, where would you go on the weekend? Salmon Arm? Hahaha! No one stays home on the weekend!

    Here are the top 10 places you should go to, before being lured to Camp Kelowna:

    San Francisco
    Grand Cayman
    Another visit to Paris

    Looks good to me!

  2. i can see why you'd want to live in kelowna, AJ, all i hear is how beautiful it is... but as for your question of who wouldn't want to live in kelowna, you can put me firmly in the "wouldn't" category. while my city of choice is, of course, paris, the truly operative word there is 'city'. new york. seattle. paris. kiev. london. chicago. matters not!