Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Training Camp

This past weekend the Life 100.3 Staff headed North to Port Sydney for a "training camp" weekend. (Not a retreat, we were there to work!) It was a good weekend, lots of sessions, and a little bit of time for games. The featured speaker was a dude from Way FM head office in Colorado Springs, Colorado. (Where else would an uppity-up from a major Christian organization be from?) He told some stories of his life, and brought some interesting ideas to the table.

While all that was good, my favorite part was Sunday afternoon once all the sessions were over. We packed our bags, checked out, and then got to make use of the facilities. A group of us grabbed canoes and paddled around the lake for a bit. Then I took a catamaran out and learned how to sail a boat! (Sort of... Without the paddle I took along I would not have made it back to shore.) It was a great afternoon, and it was fun to get to know some of my co-workers outside of the office. It's pretty much like a normal office here where we work together and get along, but outside of work we're perfect strangers. So it was fun to hang out with guys like Ben and Woody and get to know the "real" Ben & Woody outside of the radio station walls. They're both actually really funny!

It was a great weekend and I would say we're tighter as a staff now as a result.

I got up early Saturday morning to hit the gym, but it was locked. So I was left to take pictures of the sunrise.