Friday, October 9, 2009

Barrie Film Festival

It's a Saturday night, Crystal and I have nothing planned so we decide to head down the street to Blockbuster to rent a flick. We park the car, head in and start to grab movies we'd like to see. Usually we come back with very different movies. Crystal (like most ladies) likes chick flicks. I like more indie movies, the kind that have the film festival awards on the DVD cover. It's often a case of compromise on both ends to get a movie we'd both enjoy.

Kicking off next week is an event that it right in my wheel-house... the Barrie Film Festival! I went through the movie listings, and there are 3 movies I REALLY want to go see.


I have a thing for war movies. Doesn't matter if it's World War 2, the Gulf War, the Vietnam War, I like them. Maybe it's because deep down inside I wish I could be a hero. I wish I had the courage to go fight for my country. Maybe it's because my mom never let us play with guns when we were kids? (Love ya mom!) Anyway you slice it, I think I'd enjoy it.


To go along with my love of war movies, is my love of documentaries. (Yeah my wife says I'm a loser.) About a year ago I watched a movie called Sharkwater. It was a moving film, and totally changed the way I viewed sharks. Well, I've always liked dolphins, so I doubt this film will make me like dolphins all of a sudden. BUT it will likely open my eyes to what is being done to them on the other side of the world. I believe that film has the power to do that. To open our eyes to injustice happening in the world, and impact us in way that we'll want to take action.


Some people hate commercials. I am not one of those people. I think a creative, well-written commercial can be more entertaining than the tv/radio show you might be tuned into. So when I heard there was a documentary (another one?) about advertising, my ears immediately perked up. This looks like a winner for sure.

The Barrie Film Festival kicks off next weekend, maybe I'll see you at one of the shows.

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