Monday, October 6, 2008

Trip To The North Pole

This past weekend Crystal and I travelled Hwy 69 to it's northern-most tip to pay my sister a visit. She's attending Laurentian University, studying Forensic Sciences and is in her 1st year. Now I'd never been to Greater Sudbury before, but Crystal lived there for a year or two and had some fond memories. I honestly didn't know what to expect, but I was kind of disappointed. Sudbury was a bit of a dive. Downtown was all boarded up, the roads had all sorts of potholes (I thought Barrie was bad) and the overall vibe was one of neglect. Lots of run down houses, closed businesses and the ones that were still open were pretty seedy. Now with all that said, the area around the university was pretty nice, and the east end had some big box stores and that area was nicer as well. Overall, I'd give it a pretty low grade. We did make it to the big nickel though! I could almost touch it if I jumped.

It was nice to my sister again though. See what life is like for her living 5 hours north of "home." She seems to be enjoying it, so I'm happy for her. Not sure if I'd want to make the move north though.

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