Friday, September 19, 2008

Craigslist Love

I fell in love with craigslist today.  You see I've been wanted a longboard for the longest time, but never dug into the bank account to purchase one.  Just couldn't justify dropping the $400 to get one.  I mentioned this fact on one of the skimboard forums I'm a part of, and "bartman" tells me to check craigslist.  "Can't hurt" I say to myself and I check.  Nothing worthwhile.  They're still asking too much.  That was until Monday of this week.  I saw a posting for a ridiculous price!  So I contacted the seller in hopes that it hadn't sold already.  I got lucky.  So today I made my way down to Etobicoke and met up with Alex.  Turns out to be a girl who bought the longboard, rode it once and didn't like it.  So I got a nearly-new longboard for a fraction (a small fraction) of what a new one would cost.  Needless to say I'm a craigslist fan.

Have you scored on craigslist?  Let's share stories.

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