Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Busy Weekend!

It was an eventful Labour Day weekend, complete with cliff jumping, a scavenger hunt, cottage time and a proposal. Yeah that's right, love is in the air!

Here's the story...
Saturday Crystal put together a scavenger that sent us all over Barrie looking for clues. (How long does it take to drive around Georgian Mall driving 40 km/h or take a picture of a mullet, etc) After the hunt concluded (with the guys team winning) we made our way up to the cottage. We played Cranium well into the night and once we got tired of that headed down to the beach. Tim Maassarany brought his telescope, and it was a perfectly clear night with a TON of stars out. (It was spectacular) The 5 of us (Mark, Tim, Roz, Crystal and Me) lay on the beach gazing at the blanket of diamonds strewn across the black velvet sky and soaked in the moment. I brought out my camera and tripod and started taking pictures of the night sky. Crystal and I posed for a photo (trying to stay very still for the 30 second exposure time) and it turned out pretty nice. So Tim and his girlfriend Roz decided they wanted one too. The first time they weren't standing quite straight so they tried again and it was gold. Still Tim wanted one more shot. As they lined up, Tim kneeled and I hit the shutter. Roz may have said: "What are you doing, stand up" but then she caught on. Tim was popping the big question! She said yes, and wanted to hug Tim, but he stopped her saying: :"NO! You have to stay totally still for the picture to turn out right." She moved a little bit, but you can't really blame her. I still think the picture turned out pretty sweet.


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  1. The boys may have won the Scavenger Hunt, but don't think we won't be coming back with a vengence next year!