Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Road Trip Hilites

So you've checked out the pics from my trip, now for my recap of the hilites. The majority of our time was spent in Washington, and it was a blast. We toured the U.S. capital on segways, stopping at the White House, Capitol Building, Canadian Embassy and Washington Monument (basically all the tourist stops). The subway was super easy to use and super clean. That was a nice change compared to what we're used to. We also stopped in at Ebenezers Coffeehouse, which was another hilite. It's the kind of place I want to open up in Barrie, and visiting Ebenezers just stoked that fire.

The reason we took the trip was to see Yankee Stadium before it was turned into a parking lot, but Yankee Stadium wasn't the hilite I thought it would be. It was still sweet to visit the house that Ruth built, but not the surreal experience I was expecting. Maybe it was because it was pouring rain, or maybe because the fans and stadium employees were kinda cold. New Yorkers would consider it blasphamy, but the stadium 4 hours north won my vote more than Yankee Stadium. New York City was sweet though. We took a bus tour and visited Central Park, Ground Zero, Greenwich Village, SoHo and (of course) Times Square.

Boston was our last stop, and although we didn't spend time in the city, I won't forget the experience. We didn't have tickets to the game when we arrived, so we had to lineup outside and hope we could scoop up some game day sales (they hold 200 tix for the day of). Well there was over 1000 people in line before us. Uh oh. Long story short, we waited for 3 hours (other left the line in favor of scalped tickets) and scored seats right behind the plate! And it just got better! The fans were crazy! They were so loud and (shockingly) nice. It was probably the best experience I've had at a baseball game. I'd love to go back.

So the recap, Washington was sooooo much fun. New York was totally cool, but I'd never want to live there. And Boston was the best baseball experience of my life.

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