Monday, August 11, 2008

My Face is Fine, Stop Staring


I am Junky Rhodes. I am 21 years old... and I am still going through puberty. Well, at least my face is. I had this feeling of a zit coming above my eyebrow, so I did the responsible thing. Rather then spending hours in front of the mirror trying to fix the problem with my bare hands, I took some cleansing pads, and used them on my "blemish", thinking that would do the trick and life would go back to normal.

That would be a negative. Instead, it made the thing twice as big. That was nice. So all day long people have been doing that thing where they start talking to you... and then they start slowing down... and they slow down and just stop themselves and ask "Did you get hit in the head?" I am rather annoyed at it... so I am asking you... Which paper mask do you like better. I have narrowed it down to these three


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