Monday, June 9, 2008

What A Weekend!

This past weekend was SWEET! I took 3 contest winners (+1 friend each) up to Base Camp on Lake Joe in Muskoka for a weekend of crazy fun. We arrived on Friday to our own cabin, yeah that's right, we run things! It was the Roxy cabin, so everything was Roxy'd out! It came stock with a full kitchen, living room, deck and 3 bedrooms! Yeah, totally sweet.

Not only is the camp situated on the shores of Lake Joe, they also have a private lake that they have turned inti their slider lake... basically a snowboard park style set-up on the water. Very sweet.
To train for pulling crazy tricks on the water, they have a couple trampolines for you to use and get used to spinning and flipping. Well one of the winners (Jon) decided to try to pull some tricks on the tramp. Jon was bouncing and jumping and looking really cool, when all of a sudden he disappeared... well sort of. His one leg plowed right through the tramp and he got stuck. Here he surveys the damage.
In between sessions we had some time to kill, so we found a raft and the guys decided they'd try to jump over it and into the water. Here Jon gives it a shot. (He landed on Sam)

Our weapon of choice, a Nautique Air 220. It'll run you about $120K fully loaded. You could probably take out a mortgage on it if you wanted.

Early June... We got super lucky with the hot weather (3 days above 30 degrees) and the water was pretty refreshing too! (68 Saturday, 72 on Sunday) Crystal still thought it was a little chilly.
Sabrina with a big smile on her face. By the second day, she was charging! Way to go Sabrina!
Joel was Jon's guest, and was pretty good. Who knew a newspaper guy could shred like this?

Jon was a superstar. He brought his own board and ripped right from the get-go.
Sam rockin' the t-shirt do-rag.

Sam trying his hand at wake surfing.
Anthony getting the hang of wake surfing.

Josh (our coach) showing us how it's done.

Josh throwing in some style.

The hilite of my weekend was wake surfing... So Sweet!

The group shot after a solid weekend!