Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Grad Pranks

January 15... time to start thinking about your grad prank seniors. Here's we we did my senior year at Gordon Graydon in Mississauga.

We wanted to do something that would be remembered for the rest of time by people at the school... something legendary. So we brainstormed and came up with what we thought would be a truly legendary prank. We drove out to the country and met up with a farmer who had some chickens and a couple pigs that were of no use to him. (Mentally ill or something like that) We bought the animals from him and also picked up some sod from a new subdivision. It was time to put our plan into action. Through research we found out there were no motion detectors in the cafeteria, and the only way to trip the alarm would be to open one of the windows or doors to the outside. So we unscrewed the contacts on the door and taped them together so they wouldn't separate and trigger the alarm. We also unscrewed the latch on the door so it could be opened from the outside even if it was "locked." (A great deal of planning went into this prank) We were going to sneak in at night, fill the caf with sod and a handfull of chickens and a couple pigs. It was going to be awesome!

We decided on a day in June to pull off the prank, and after baseball practise we agreed on a rendezvous point and time to meet in the middle of the night. I went home, set my alarm before going to bed, and got ready to sneak out of the house and make my way over to the school under the cover of darkness. Bad news is I slept through my alarm and missed the fun. My mom woke me up the next morning and I was ticked! Months of planning and I missed the heist! I choked down some breakfast and made my way to school for another dull day of classes... or so I thought.

Upon arriving at school I saw these huge trucks parked right outside the cafeteria with these big hoses running into the school. "They pulled it off!" I told myself as a smile crept across my face. I made it to class on time and as the announcements were wrapping up there was one announcement I did not expect to hear: "Would AJ please report to Mr Chasty's office please." Uh oh! But I wasn't even here! Turns out he knew it was my group of friends and I was the only one brave enough to show up at school that day. "I didn't do it!" I exclaimed. No dice. He wasn't having any of it. I was sure he would call my parents and I was going to get it from them when I got home. Surprisingly they weren't all that upset, (I think my Dad may have even smiled, almost like he was proud) and no harm came out of it. Sure they had to fumigate the cafeteria and no one could use it for a couple days, but no property was destroyed and no one was hurt. Apparently they still talk about that prank, and no one has topped it yet. That makes me smile.

AJ the Wonderdog
Member - Sod Squad, Class of 2000