Thursday, January 31, 2008

The End Of An Era?

Every year I try to take a hockey road trip with the boys. This year we had planned on going to Ottawa to see the Pens and Sens play. Tickets, however didn't go on sale until January 12th. So January 12 I'm logged on to the ticket website waiting for 10:00 when the tix go on sale. Finally the clock strikes 10 and I'm off like a dog on a fat piece of steak. WHAT!?!!? Apparently you can't get tickets to the Pittsburgh game unless you buy tickets for another midweek game. "This is stupid" I say to myself and start checking scalper sites. No dice. Prices are all way too high. So now the road trip has to take a different route. We're looking at hitting a couple games in a weekend. Maybe in Western New York (Rochester & Syracuse), or Eastern Michigan (Saginaw & Plymouth)? There's something about Cleveland that I like though. Maybe we could go see the Lake Erie Monsters? So it won't be an NHL game this year, we'll have to settle for $15 tickets and an OHL or AHL game. But it's not about the hockey game so much as it's about tavelling with the fellas. Seeing another city, discovering their culture and having lots of laughs on the road. One thing is for certain, there will be a road trip this year!