Monday, August 27, 2007

Karaoke Superstar!

Last night at the Orillia Opera House we crowned our third Karaoke Superstar... Congrats to Andy Taylor for taking home the crown. As the night progressed 2 things came to mind...
1- We've come a long way baby
2- I like Andy.

I remember the first Karaoke Superstar Finals... at Wasaga Waterworld. Not ideal for a singing contest. Then last year it was at the Barrie Fair. Again a less than desirable venue for a singing contest. But then this year the finals were at the ultra-classy Orillia Opera House! Complete with professional stage lighting and a professional sound guy! It was just such a special night. I hope we do it up big-time again next year.

And Andy! I love the way he sings. He puts everything he's got into the song, and he rocks it out with a little growl at times. I was totally impressed by the guy. I'm glad he stepped up his game and brought the title home, because he's such a genuine, humble guy. Congrats Andy!