Monday, August 19, 2013

What's The Point?

It's one of the questions I've been saving for heaven.

How'd the dinosaurs die?
Why did you create mosquitoes?
Why do we have toenails?

As far as I can tell, they serve no real purpose.

Back on our epic trip through California I banged my toe off the rail of the surfboard I was frantically paddling to try and catch a wave. (It didn't really hurt that much, kind of like stubbing your toe on your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.) The impact caused my toe to bleed under the nail, which at first was kind of cool but quickly made my nail look like it had gone goth. So I've proudly been sporting a black big toe for the past month or so.

About a week ago I noticed the nail had started to turn a shade of grey, and after further inspection I realized it was no longer attached underneath.

I wonder what it looks like under there?

I resisted the urge to pick at it, but as a new nail started to grow underneath it the dead nail began to loosen. Last night my nail finally lost its will to hang on and I got a glimpse of what exactly lurks under the nail.

Nothing much.

So, enlighten me. Why do we have toenails?


  1. Like your finger nails. They protect the MANY nerve endings underneath. For the fingers it's more obvious because you "feel" with your fingers so their seems to be a purpose for those nerve endings. However, for your toes, you don't "feel" in the same sense as you do with your fingers. But, they are actually ESSENTIAL for balance! If you didn't have those nerve endings, you wouldn't be able to make the thousands of micro-adjustments to keep you standing/walking/running on two feet. You'd be on all fours. So in short, you have toe nails so you can walk! ;)

    -- Joe Duong

    1. I'm missing a good portion of the nail on my big toe and I can still walk. Guess I'd better be careful not to drop a brick on my toe.

      How'd you get so smart anyway?