Monday, August 26, 2013

The Walking In Between

Crystal and I had been looking forward to the day for quite some time. The release of Ben Rector's lastest album, The Walking In Between.

It's been almost a week, 10-15 trips through the album, here are my top 3 tracks.

Ordinary Love
"I don’t live in the hills 
And I probably never will 
But that won’t keep me up at night 
Because she’s dancing like a fool 
Across my living room 
Whenever I’m with you 
My heart is singing"
Great way to start the album. Upbeat, catchy and we're off to a good start.

"Oh I’m out in the waves 
And I’m hoping and praying 
Please let this wind blow me home 
Night after night there’s an empty horizon 
My god do I feel so alone 
But sometimes life And most times I 
Feel just like a sailboat"
Seriously... Beautiful!

If You Can Hear Me
"Sometimes the devil sounds a lot like Jesus 
Telling me I’m not enough 
And I don’t believe it, no no 
But I can feel it 
And I need you so, yes I need you so"
Who hasn't felt fear and heard the voices saying you're not enough?
If you're going to chase awesome, pursue your dreams, or strive to break out of status quo, the voices will show up.

The entire album is incredible!
Other tracks worth a listen are: When I'm With You, Beautiful and I Like You.
Get it on iTunes HERE

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