Monday, July 29, 2013

Haters Gonna Hate

For those lab-rats people taking part in Jon Acuff's START Experiment today is "International Ignore A Hater" day.

Our task today is to ignore the haters. Ignore the email, tweet, or facebook comment that is slinging mud. The idea is to enjoy the peace of mind that comes when you disregard the haters.

I laughed. Okay, challenge accepted. I don't run into many haters anyway.

So I've taken the challenge and I'm ignoring those that try to bring me down today.

So far (about noon'ish as I type) I've run into people who have told me my dream is dumb and unrealistic.
Said my show is too worldly
Told me they want the old morning show hosts back.
Called me a false prophet.
Said I lack spiritual depth and questioned my salvation.

Oh snap!

This is harder than I expected.

Feel like hatin'?
Comment below, but I won't respond... Today.


  1. Aren't we Christians the best at hating and pushing people down? When you catch fire unfortunately some people try to throw water and put you out. Don't let them.

    1. I don't think it's just christians, but yeah.

  2. I once received an email from a stranger accusing me of being a "hate monger."

    And I write good-news stories for a living.

    "Haters gonna hate," indeed. Ugh.

    1. A hate monger huh? I haven't got that one yet. I was meaning to talk to you about that though.