Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ego, Ministry and Money

Let's open up a can today.

You watched the video, what do you think?

I agree that people in traditional ministry roles should be well compensated. I don't believe the student ministry/music/kids ministry director should have to work a part-time job to pay the rent. They already have an extremely stressful job that requires them to be "on" 24/7. We shouldn't compound the stress by paying them a "ministry salary" and trusting "the Lord will provide".

Maybe he wants to provide through a paycheque?

Back to the video. I realize it was produced to communicate a certain tone. Clips may have were likely taken out of context. But the ballin' rap video vibe still bothers me.

Money isn't evil. But I think (at least from this trailer) these fellas are walking dangerously close to the line between pastor and idol.

No doubt they are all great guys, (in fact I think I'd probably be friends with the tattooed skater dude), just with some flawed theology... Like me.

Curious to get your thoughts: Pastors and their big houses/fancy cars/flashy bling.


  1. Interesting clip. Your guest this morning on the Wonderdog show too was interesting. While scripture does endorse a worker worth their pay, some of the pastors in this video insisting on huge houses driving flashy cars is the way to be successful is going too far. Jesus didn't have a home to lay down His head. I'm not saying we must live in poverty. God will provide our needs, and sometimes our wants to out of His love, but to insist that the sign of true blessing is financial success and being wealthy or "living large" is unscriptural. Store up treasures in heaven is what I remember Jesus saying, not treasures on earth where moth and rust destroy.

    As a pastor, I know the frustration of the low income for the work done and having to work other jobs to make ends meet and my wife working full time to make things happen. It's not fun. That is where we look to God and He says, "My grace is sufficient for you..."

    Pastor Andrew

  2. A life focused on anything but God Himself is not what God wants for us. He has a jealous love for us that leaves no room for us to bring anything else into the relationship. Our 1st place desire should not be split between Him and anything else, and that includes a lot more than stuff and money. Everything else comes second place.
    I believe that if we could understand who He is and understand how great His love for us is and what these things really mean we would not be able to live a life of compromise.
    How should we see money as Christians? I like what paul says "get a job, make some money, so that you can give it away!" is that our perspective? Jesus says "dont worry about what you'll eat and drink or what you will wear, thats what the pagans are concerned about, God knows you need these things, seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and He'l give you these things." are we firstly concerned about advancing His Kingdom or are we firstly concerned with our benefit, our comfort, our pride?
    This is how my brother describes how we should handle what God gives us, like we have a business credit card. We will have to give an account to Him that says why we bought what we did. I personally would have a difficult time telling God why I bought a Ferrari with His money.
    When Jesus talks about money, he talks about it as a danger, a temptation. Who of all the apostles lived a life of luxury and comfort? Oh right, they all died for their faith. They all had their eyes set on a greater prize, and they were all satisfied.
    It grieves my heart when i see brothers or sisters in Christ distracted by the world. On the flip-side I'm filled with joy when I see them excited to know and serve God more.
    As far as the documentary, I would totally be interested in seeing it, hopefully there's a pastor in the movie that truly gives God the glory.
    Tim S