Monday, April 18, 2011

True Love

Good Friday is one of my favourite church services of the year.

I know Easter Sunday is the fun one, with the bright colours and happy music, but there's something about Good Friday that moves me.

I think Good Friday allows for more creativity in the service presentation. It's more than just the pastor preaching on stage. Good Friday usually means a video message, and that allows for a more dynamic message. The service programming deaprtment can be more creative in their approach and (in my opinion) makes the service that much better.

Last year the band performed True Love, and it moved me to tears. Musically, they nailed it, and the video playing in the background added that extra "umph".

This isn't the video they used, but it was something similar. Check it out!


  1. I agree with you about Good Friday being the favourite service of the year. We join together with the United Church across the road and go through the Passion Story as it is told in the Gospels and every year the service is a little different in the way the story is portrayed.

  2. Good Friday is Jesus taking our place, and giving us eternal life in return. Why shouldn't it be the fun one?