Friday, April 8, 2011

New Life or No Life?

Last night we had dinner with friends who have 2 girls, (A thought I have warmed up to... a girl) and it was a lot of fun. Their 2 girls were blast. We were treated to a puppet show, heard some funny stories from their oldest, and had a great night hanging out with people outside of the typical church setting.

One thing from the night struck me; their house was full of energy and life! Kids running around, laughing, giggling and constantly making me smile. We got home and it seemed quiet, empty and (mostly) tidy.

If you would have asked me 2 years ago about being a father I would have turned and run in fear. I'd have to give up travel, skimboarding, hockey... my life would effectively end.

But I don't think that's the case anymore.

While I still have friends that have become shut-ins since having children, I also have a number of friends that despite having kids, still kiteboard, go to the movies, and have a social life.

So thank you Tim, Andy, Enn, Pete, Los, and the rest of you fathers that have shown me that a new life in the house doesn't mean the end of yours... In fact I think it might even make it better!


  1. Very cool buddy. Congrats on placing a bun in the oven. You're a champ in my books.

  2. Parenthood is great! I was a mom at 22 and thought about what I would be giving up! And well really, I only ever gave up my late nights! I still snowboarded, wakeboarded, played soccer, and travelled all over Canada ( making trips when Aaron was a month old, 4 months old and 7 months old by myself to Ontario). I think the secret is to continue having your hobbies and crystal have her's ( to keep everyone sane)! You guys will do great!!! :)