Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Never Shovel Alone

The past week and a half we have been HAMMERED with snow in Pine River. Last Monday the snow was nearly waist deep on the street, so we were snowed in.

It was that fateful Monday that would be a tipping point on our street. All the guys were out shoveling our driveways, when it occurred to us that it would be more fun to shovel with each other. So we gathered on Earnest's driveway and started to make our way around the court.

We made a deal with each other, "No one shovels alone." Even though it has been snowing (seemingly) non-stop for the past 10 days, the promise still holds.

Sunday night Crystal and I were eating dinner when I heard the familiar sound of Claudio's snowblower. Turns out he was out clearing our driveway so I could enjoy dinner with Crystal.

Last night Crystal and I were out until about 9:30, and we came home to a cleared driveway.

Tonight Marty and Claudio teamed up and had our driveway done in about 10 minutes. I went out to help, but ended up watching as they laughed their way up and down my driveway. Once they finished our driveway they headed next door and cleared Noel's drive.

I feel so lucky to have such great neighbours. They lend me their tools, clear my snow, water my lawn and play with my dog. A 180-degree difference from living in the condo where people are posting notices about noisy pets and signing petitions to remove board members.

Best of all, there are still 5 more lots for sale on Lions court.

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  1. And some nice person cleaned all the snow off your car today!