Thursday, June 17, 2010

Man's Best Friend

Growing up I always wanted a dog.  I'd ask my parents for a dog, and every time I'd be met with a host of excuses (that were probably accurate).  Things like "I'll be the one taking the dog for walks" or "Who's going to clean up the poop?  Not you."

So I never had a dog growing up.

A couple months after we got married Crystal came to me asking for a dog.  (Apparently she gets lonely when I'm at work.)  She promised to do all the research and find a dog, I just had to agree to let her get one. 


That was over 3 years ago, and since then Snax has become a member of the family.  She's always there to greet me when I drag my half-asleep butt through the door after work.  In the morning when my alarm goes off she's right there to greet me with a kiss.  When I grab my towel and skimboard, she is right there to accompany me to the beach.  She's become my weekday best friend (weekends belong to Crystal).

Well, I have been dogless since Saturday.  Crystal wasn't going to be home for the first couple days this week, so we decided to be fair to our little dog and send her someplace where she'll actually see peoplen and be taken care of.  So Snax is hanging out with my parents in Mississauga this week.

I miss her.

A lot.

There's no dog there to give me a good morning kiss when my alarm goes off.  There's no dog there when I come home from work.  There's no dog there to go for a walk with.  There's no dog there to talk to.  (Snax is a great listener)

Saturday night we get her back, and I think I might throw her a welcome home party.

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