Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spinning On My iPod

Every other Monday a group of Life staff get together and listen to music. (Yes, it's part of the job) At these music meetings we spend a couple hours listening to new music, and picking a handful to add to the station's playlist the following week. So yesterday I brought in a couple suggestions, and we added two of them! Starting Monday you'll have the pleasure of hearing a couple bands that have been getting some serious airplay on my iPod lately... Danyew - "Closer We Are" and Owl City - "Fireflies"! Maybe in two weeks I'll bring in some more of my hidden gems. Like Forever The Sickest Kids, Dr Seahorse, Seabird or We Shot The Moon.

Who are you digging that is flying under the radar?


  1. Check out The Afters... it would be cool if you spun of their tracks on the radio.

  2. B Reith "Go On" - a fun song about him being booked for a gig and the bouncer not letting him in.

    I also like "Such A Time" by Flynn Adam. More rhythmic than his last release. And why does he keep changing his name???

    And, "Surface Of The Sun" by All Star United. A bit edgey that the last stuff.