Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Drops Like Stars - LIVE

Next Wednesday Rob Bell will be on stage at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto on his Drops Like Stars tour. I had the chance to catch up with Rob earlier today and talk about the new book, his Nooma videos and how he deals with hate mail. You can eavesdrop on our conversation HERE.

Interested in checking it out? Tickets are available HERE.

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  1. I listened. He seemed to avoid your question - "how do you feel about people who say you're trying to be controversial..?" He side stepped it. Probably because he's tired of the same question.

    He's quirky guy but I think he's got all jod Christian theories correct. As close as the rest of us. His book "Velvet Elvis" is a great book to think about. It's in my top 5, just below "Catcher In The Rye". (oooops!)