Monday, March 2, 2009

Use It Or Lose It

You know how some people how certain quirks, or idiosyncrasies that might seem unusual to outsiders? Well I'm not immune from the ailment. I like to save nice things. What do I mean? Well, I have certain clothes that I save for certain times. I have t-shirts that I will only wear in summer. I put away my "summer shoes" in winter because I don't want to ruin them. Well last weekend I got some new hockey equipment, real nice stuff. I had resolved not to use it right now because it was too nice. I eventually caved in and started using the gear, with the exception of one thing... The gloves. My existing gloves were fine, and I didn't want to ruin the new ones. Well yesterday I decided to use the gloves. There's no point in having these sweet mitts if I don't use them right? So I packed them (along with my old gloves just in case) in my hockey bag and off I went.

As luck would have it, on my first shift I got tangled up with the opposing defenseman and we both fell to the ice. As he went to get back up he put his skate (blade) right on my pinkie and drove his foot into the ice as he got up to get back into the play. Can I tell you something? IT HURT! Luckily his skate didn't go through the glove, so I kept playing. When I got to the bench I looked down to see the knob of my new stick and my brand-new, virgin gloves covered in blood. Although his skate didn't cut my finger, it did pinch the skin which resulted in a blood blister. A blood blister which I popped later in the shift. I was bummed! Now my nice new gloves are covered in blood and are no longer pristine.

I'm not as bummed today. The blood adds character. It might even be intimidating. So what did I learn from this? I'm not sure. I'm still saving my favorite t-shirts for summer wear, and my summer shoes aren't coming out until the salt on the roads is gone. ;-)

What weird quirks do you have?

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  1. the blood adds character. i wouldn't worry about it, all good hockey equipment has war marks.

    i'm gonna have to give the weird quirks idea a thought and post on the blog. thanks for the idea, hope your finger is better today.