Monday, February 2, 2009

Twenty-Five Things

So, there has been a note that is being passed around on Facebook, called Twenty things or Sixteen things, etc, and finally after being tagged into it for like the fourth time, I decided to do it. After an hour of thinking about random facts about myself, here is my list for you

1 I think cooked vegetables are just unnatural

2 There is nothing wrong with the Family Channel, Teletoon, and YTV
being in your list of most watched TV channels

3 I HATE the MSN Message sound

4 It was not until I was 17 that I learned when saying the word "tsunami" you do not actually say the "t"

5 Three times have I mistaken the guys washroom for the ladies washroom.
Only once have I actually used the facilities

6 I am scared to have a webcam. I do not want to have people watch me
while I eat, or get changed... or showering

7 I am not going to deny it. Whenever Plumb does a ballad, I love it

8 I abuse the spellchecker on Firefox WAY to much

9 I have WAY to much fun with the honesty box

10 I am determined to one day sneeze without closing my eyes

11 The shortest shower I can take is over 20 minutes long

12 Whenever I play a game, and have the option as playing as a girl, I
will always take that option. Especially in Sims. All the girls are my
favorites, and I just insert guys into the mix for comedy relief

13 For camping outdoors, I always make sure to take my electric tooth brush.

14. I also abuse the period key and replace the standard "." with "..."

15. I actually LIKE getting texts from Facebook on my cell phone

16. When it comes to guilty pleasures, Aly & AJ's Potential Break Up Song is one of mine

17. With "life changing decisions", I always run it through my official adviser first

18. I have the memory of a gold fish. i.e. not very long

19. On my computer is over 500 wallpapers for my desktop. Luckily, I am not one to get completely overboard with things

20. My favorite hockey player was Cliff Ronning. Mostly because at 5'8, he would be the one looking up to me

21. I have never seen the following movies. Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Titanic, Wizard of Oz, E.T.,Old Yeller, Casablanca, and Gone with the Wind,

22. I have the memory of a gold fish. i.e. most of my memories do not even last as long as Paris Hilton's music career

23. I DEMAND that they put the Tick and Animaniacs back on TV. Seriously?? How can you just remove classics from the air waves like that?

24. If Kim Possible was real, I would ask her out in a HEARTBEAT

25.... and the only reason I go to point 25 is because Krista told me too


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