Monday, January 19, 2009

Exicting weekend

Yikes, what an interesting weekend. It all started on Saturday night. We were doing two Fireproof premieres in Peterborough, and when it was all said and done, we left the church 10 before 12. So, I am thinking I should be back to my house around 2ish, and wish our amazing GPS guiding us, we should have no problems. That would be a negative. It decided we should go on the 115 home. So I think, It's a main highway, should be plowed and it's 4 lanes so I should just be able to speed home. That would also false. We kept getting stuck behind snow plows for the whole night and in the end got home at 3:30am.

Now, the good part was A.J. did the exact same thing, and he arrived home at 4:15a (I am not sure why this made me feel better). What really bites is that when we mapquest-ed it, we found out that taking the 115 adds an extra 40 miles to your trip, and if you are coming home from Peterborough, you should be probably get on Highway 48 instead

The fun does not start there. We had another Fireproof show in Flesherton. I get there really early, so I set up early and headed downstairs where I was invited to play Gaggle Ball (Wiki) .

Sounding interesting, decided to give it a shot. I was very average at it, and by average I mean brutally awful. I played soccer for years as a goalie, and the idea of avoiding the ball was foreign to me, so of course I take a ball to the face... which broke my glasses and made me temporarily blind. How awesome(sarcasm of course)

Finally, this is why you never give out your Facebook password to people. (An exeprt from my profile)

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