Tuesday, November 25, 2008

God Knows If You're Lying To Me

I had an interesting experience on my way to hockey this morning. I stopped in at a Mac's on my way to shinny, (my lips were in need of some chapstick), and nothing could have prepared me for what was to come. The total came to $4.17 (or something like that) and I handed over a $20 bill. He handed me my change, which was one $5 bill, and some coins. I started to walk towards the door when I realized this dude had made a mistake. So I turn around and ask for the $10 he owes me. He proceeds to tell me I already got the right amount of change and I'm wrong. So I let him count the money he gave me. Yup, $10 short. He then (surprisingly) says "You're lying to me!"
"I'm not lying. I haven't even left the store yet. You saw me the whole time."
"I'll give you $10 but God knows if you're lying to me and he'll punish you."
I laughed and said: "God and I are cool no worries."

It was messed up.


  1. That is messed up. Its unfortunate, but one has to be constantly on guard in situations like that. And for him to chastise you, wow!

  2. i was picking up a quick diner at churches chicken near my house one night, and i did the same thing, bill came out to just over $6 and i handed the guy a $20. he hands me back $3 and some change and then my food. i point out that he owes me $10 and the guy got mad, and said told me about his sick wife who cannot work and about him taking the job at churchs to pay her medical bills, and i'm like, dude, i admire your work ethic and love for your wife, but i'm trying to get by too, paying so much for gas, being a first time homeowner in a bad economy, and everything, give me my $10!