Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Blunder

I dislike giving presents. Actually I like giving presents, I don't like the pressure I put on myself to give a perfect present. I thought I did alright this year, I got a buncha stuff Crystal said she wanted and needed. I pilled the haul into a fancy pink gift bag and filled in the top with some white tissue paper. "Good Job AJ" I told myself as I placed it on her jewellery box. Well she opened her gift today and I screwed something up. She wasn't disappointed, but I sure was. I screwed up again! You see she wanted these shoes, and took note of the color, size and style of what she wanted. Then I went back to the store on my own and picked them up... or so I thought. You see the shows were on a plastic hanger that said size 10 (her size). Turns out the shoes were size 6 on a size 10 hanger! ARGH! I didn't check the actual shoes for the size. I'M A KNOB! She smiled about it, but inside I was pretty upset at myself. Hopefully she can exchange them for the correct size.