Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Winter Tire Fiasco

After sliding around, (and down hills) in Barrie last winter I decided this year I would invest in some winter tires for my car. Like a good shopper I checked out all my options and searched for the best price. I decided on Costco, and made my way down to the south end of Barrie to make the purchase. I waited in line for a couple hours, only to find they didn't have my size, and would have to special order the tires. So a couple weeks later they call me to tell me the tires are in. I line up (again) and when I get to the counter they tell me they don't have my size of rims, and those would have to be ordered as well. I got a call last week that they had both my tires and rims, and I could come in anytime to have them installed. I arrived this morning just before 10am (the time they supposedly open according to the website) only to find another line and a 9 hour wait for tire installation! I'm starting to get frustrated with this process. I'd almost rather pay the extra and get my tires when I want them, instead of waiting in line for hours, only to be told it can't be done. ARGH!