Tuesday, January 14, 2014

5 Songs That Impacted Me

I've worked at LIFE 100.3 for nearly 9 years now. From starting on The Slam, moving to middays and now doing the (early) mornings. Over those 9 years the sound of the music LIFE plays has changed dramatically. The music I listen to has changed dramatically!

One thing that has remained constant over those 9 years are the stories of how music has impacted people. Songs that came on at just the right time, or a line that cut through the B.S. and right to someone's core. There is no doubt God can use songs to help people through dark times or deliver a message that had been ignored up until that point in time.

Here are 5 songs from artists who share my faith, and that have made an impact in my life.

Ben Rector - Sailboat

This song echos my feelings and emotions the past year or two. Listening to it is still a spiritual experience.

Switchfoot - Souvenirs

I have a tendency to look into the future and often disregard the present. If you subscribe to StrengthsFinder philosophy, I'm a futurist. This song reminds me to stop and take in what is happening around me right now, to soak in the present. To remember how good life has been and how good it is right now. Again a spiritual experience when this song is played.

Lifehouse - Everything (excuse the lame lyric video)

In my opinion the best worship song ever written. I can have the worst day at work, throw this song on and sing it as loud as humanly possible, and 6 minutes later all is right with the world. Something about the building intensity and the sheer emotion.

Chris Tomlin f Lecrae - Awake My Soul

I never thought I'd include a Chris Tomlin song on a top 5 list, but this song is too good. Chris' part is ok, no complaints, but what makes the song is Lecrae. I love the spoken word/scripture halfway through. So powerful!

Eddie Kirkland - My Next Breath

Written by Hawk Nelson and it's another one I love singing in church.

Any songs you'd add?
What's one song that has impacted you?

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