Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So Much To Be Thankful For

I realize we Canadians had our Thanksgiving weeks ago, but in the last 24 hours it struck me just how blessed I am.

Those who are connected with us are aware of the difficult season Crystal and I went through this past summer/fall. At the time it felt like the hits were never going to stop coming, but I knew there had to be an end... eventually.

Well the last couple of weeks the tide has turned and things are looking up. We have hope again.

Last week we sold our house, less than 12 hours from posting on MLS to accepting an offer. (This may be a future blog post). And last night I had my interview for a position with the Innisfil Fire Department.

I was super nervous leading up to the interview. It's been nearly 4 years of trying to get on a volunteer department and I felt like this was my best chance. (Don't screw this up AJ) I shared this post from Jon Acuff yesterday because it resonated so deeply with me. It seemed to describe me and give me hope for what was to come.

As I made my way to the Innisfil Town Offices my phone kept dinging with texts from friends encouraging me and praying for me and my interview. It was quite overwhelming. I said a quick 'help me' prayer and made my way to the lobby where I took a seat next to a well-dressed guy named James. He was there to interview for a position as well. We chatted for a bit, wished each other luck and made our way into our respective interrogation interview rooms.

I walked into the room and as I passed threshold my nerves vanished. I took a seat in front of the 5-person panel and we were underway.

As they fired questions my way I found myself thinking "Oh, I have a story about how a situation in my life applies to that" and "I know the answer to that". I don't think I've ever participated in an interview like that before.

After my alloted 60 minutes had passed I shook hands with my interviewers and made my way out to my car. I looked down at my cell phone and there were more encouraging texts from family and friends. I started to cry.

At times I have felt alone in pursuit of this dream. Like a lone sailboat in rough seas. But last night I realized I have an army of family, friends and supporters behind me.

Thank you to everyone who has stood beside me through this journey. Crystal and Kai, my parents, siblings and in-laws.
Thank you Todd for the interview prep and coaching.
Thank you Marty, Julie, Brian, Hilary, Tim, Rosalyn, Linda, Dave, Barbara, Amanda, Dave, Kirk and everyone else who texted, prayed and offered encouragement. Your prayers really made a difference.

I can across this song while listening to WayFM, and it resonated with me at the time (and still does).

It's Thanksgiving in the U.S. but today I'm giving thanks for the people that God has placed in my life that stand beside and are on this journey with me.

I find out in a couple weeks if I 'passed' the interview, don't stop praying yet.

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  1. AJ, you're an awesome guy and an encourager of epic proportions. This is an exciting time for your family and we're behind you. I could have just texted that to you - but I wanted to shout it from the mountain top. I want the whole world to know!