Monday, January 28, 2013

There's Something About Muskoka

I look forward to it every year, the Muskoka Christian School hockey tournament in Bala. It's held in the coldest arena known to man, but it's easily one of the best events I attend every year.

There's something about Muskoka, I feel like it's a better fit for me.

I grew up in the GTA, but learned to love the outdoors. Camping trips, downhill biking, swimming in Georgian Bay, ski trips to the rockies; I'm hardwired for outdoor pursuits. That's why Muskoka resonates with me.

While only one hour apart, there is a world of difference between Barrie and Muskoka people.

Barrie people are into music. Muskoka people are into sports.
Barrie people love their tv shows. Muskoka people love their atv's and snowmobiles.
Barrie people go to the beach to get a tan. Muskoka people go to the beach to wakeboard.

There are other differences, (like the distance to the closest grocery store or lack of a movie theatre), but those are the first ones that came to mind.

While not for everyone, I love Muskoka.
Who's with me?

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