Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Watch The Ripples

Throw a small stone in to a still pond and it will make a ripple. A ripple that will continue to grow until it reaches the edges of the pond. No matter how large the pond, the ripple will always reach the edge.

Amazing how such small things can make such a big impact.

Sunday my right eye felt a little funny. Like there was something in it. I'd blink, and it would feel like a record needle was running across my eye. I tried to take a look and didn't see anything, so I brushed it off figuring my tears would wash it out.

Monday morning I woke up and the eye was a little bit swollen in the corner.

By Tuesday the entire eyelid had ballooned and I was now in a constant state of pain.

I called tele-health after dinner, explained my situation, and they said I needed to seek medical attention immediately. So Crystal called up her Mom, asked if she'd be able to watch Kai, and off we went to RVH.

3 hours later (quicker than I had expected) the attending physician gave my the scoop on my condition. Something got into my eye, a stye formed, got infected and caused my eyelid to balloon out and take on a purple'ish hue. He wasn't sure but said he hopes there isn't an abscess that would require me to come back and have a 'minor procedure' to remove it.

I left with some oral medication, eye drops and instructions to apply a warm cloth to the affected area every 2-3 hours.

Seems to be working don't you think?

TOP -Tuesday Morning
BOTTOM - Wednesday Morning
Amazing how something so small I couldn't see it, could have such a big impact.

So invite your neighbour to church this weekend.
Have some friends you haven't seen in a while over for dinner.
Offer your spouse some encouragement when you walk through the front door at night.

Small things can have a big impact. Stand back and watch the ripples.

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  1. I guess it's a good thing you are on radio... seriously trust it continues to heal