Monday, September 24, 2012

Distractions & Double Rainbows

I was on way to speak at InsideOut Orillia last night when I looked into the sky and saw the most incredible rainbow I have ever seen. This thing was super bright, and made it fully across the sky.

As I pulled up to the red light at 90 & 27, I took a closer look and noticed a muted twin taking up residence just left of the brighter rainbow.


I reached over to the passenger seat and grabbed my phone, opened up Instagram and snapped this shot.

I begin to write a clever caption for the newly minted photo, when I felt a [WHAM] from behind. I checked my rear-view mirror to see what caused the commotion, and saw nothing. As a put my phone back on the passenger seat, I snuck another glance in my mirror and noticed a man in a motorcycle helmet staggering around my rear. I quickly unsnapped my seatbelt and hopped out the door.

"Hey, you ok?" I inquired of the mystery man.

He removed his helmet and slowly replied: "Yeah man, I was just looking at the rainbow. I'm sorry."

After a two or three additional exchanges similar to the first, I pulled my car forward, dislodged his bike and offered him my phone number if he needed anything. 

He started up his bike, and went on his way. No damage to either vehicle. 

Can't say the same about his pride though.

Ever had a weird encounter on the road?

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