Monday, August 13, 2012

Dreamers, Innovators and Status Quo

Amazing how being a parent changes EVERYTHING.

Last week I watched a show I had PVR'd earlier this month, Josh's Idea. The show follows the life pro wakeboarder Josh Sanders as he tours, works, rides and comes up with crazy ideas.

In the episode I caught, he builds a 200+ ft rail, attaches it to his houseboat and sets a world record for longest railslide.

The idea came together, mainly thanks to Josh's Dad, who drew up the blueprints and built the rail. The show spent some time on Josh's Dad, talking about how he has helped Josh turn his ideas into reality. From a ramp into a foam pit in their backyard, to opening a board shop, to becoming a Supra boat dealer for Australia, his Dad helped him to achieve these goals.

As I watched this show, I wasn't thinking about how sweet rail-sliding a houseboat would be, I thought: "that's the kind of Dad I want to be for Kyler."

I don't want to be a wet blanket on his dreams and ambitions. I don't want to squelch the dreamer inside of him. I want to help him work towards making his dreams and ideas a reality. Sure some of them might fail, but failure isn't final.

It's the dreamers who change the world.
It's innovators that put a dent in the universe.
I want to nurture that spirit in Kyler, not push him towards the status quo.

I want to be the kind of Dad that rebuilds Lightning McQueen to be better than before.

P.S. - I had (and still have) a fantastic father, who always told me to go after it. I am so thankful for him.

Fellow parents: How has parenting changed you?

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  1. good thing you put that PS in there... :o)